Resolution No. 2021-2509 Authorizing up to $120M In Industrial Bonds for Contemporary Amperex Technology Kentucky LLC
Resolution No. 2021-2508 GFD Emergency Response Trench Trailer as Surplus
Resolution No. 2021-2507 GPD Certain Shotguns as Surplus
Resolution No. 2021-2506 Authorizing Acceptance of Gift of Lot#6 in Old Stone Spring Subdivision
Resolution No. 2021-2505 Glasgow DPW Surplus Caterpillar D8T
Resolution No. 2021-2504 Authorizing Hiring of Grabhorn Law Firm in Opiod Litigation Settlement
Resolution No. 2021-2503 Glasgow Fire Department Surplus Items
Resolution No. 2021-2502 Evaluation of Proposals for Design Build RFP
Resolution No. 2021-2501 Resignation Trustee City of Glasgow Lera B Mitchell to TJ Samson 
Resolution No. 2021-2500 Grant Parks & Recreation - Recreational Trails Program
Resolution No. 2021-2499 Grant GFD Training Center Drill Tower Maintenance
Resolution No. 2021-2498 Approving Branding Contract with Chandlerthinks LLC.
Resolution No. 2021-2497 Approving Audit Firm For Glasgow EPB
Resolution No. 2021-2496 Accepting the 201-2020 Audit As Presented
Resolution No. 2021-2495 Declaring Certain GPD Defective Ammunition Surplus

Resolution No. 2021-2494 Amending Investment Policy
Resolution No. 2021-2493 Authorizing Participation in KLC Investment Pool Plus 
Resolution No. 2021-2492 Grant KY Pride Fund Composting
Resolution No. 2021-2491 Grant KLC Insurance Services Compensation Safety Grant
Resolution No. 2021-2490 Grant Division of Waste Management Pour-In-Place Rubber Surface
Resolution No. 2021-2489 Grant KY Pride Fund Recycling Grant
Resolution No. 2021-2488 Grant KAMM Beaver Creek Blueway Trail Clean-Up
Resolution No. 2021-2487 Grant KY Pride Fund Fund Household Hazardous Waste Management
Resolution No. 2021-2486 Grant KY Transportation Cabinet Fund Overtime Lifesavers Conference GPD
Resolution No. 2021-2485 Grant KY Transportation Cabinet Fund Child Safety Seat Program for GPD
Resolution No. 2021-2484 Grant Community Development Utility Assistance Program
Resolution No. 2021-2483 Grant FEMA Assistance Purchase Mobile Training Props for GFD
Resolution No. 2021-2482 Expressing Council's Stance on EPB Board Current State of Affairs
Resolution No. 2021-2481 Grant ASAP Fund GPD Street Crimes Needs
Resolution No. 2021-2480 Mowing Agreement Grassland at Glasgow Regional Landfill
Resolution No. 2021-2479 Grant FAST Act Application