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Stormwater Management: A Division of Glasgow Department of Public Works 270-651-5977

The City of Glasgow passed the Stormwater Maintenance Fee Ordinance in December 2012. The funds will be used to keep the City in compliance with state and federal EPA mandates with our Stormwater Management Program, while also allowing us to work on drainage daily. Small and large projects and maintenance are all included.  The City has already contracted with an engineering firm for a Stormwater Master Plan. Large projects will be ranked and we will proceed accordingly.

The goals of the Stormwater Management Program are to protect the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Glasgow while improving, maintaining, operating and monitoring the stormwater system. To achieve this, the City of Glasgow is involved in several activities to protect and improve the quality of water. The activities include but are not limited to developing a Stormwater Management Plan for the city's NPDES Stormwater Phase II Permit and a Stormwater Master Plan.


Stormwater Division