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Transit Division  270-629-4848

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Welcome to Glasgow Transit

Glasgow Transit System is Open to the General Public!

Glasgow Transit System
310 West Front Street
Glasgow, KY 42141

Glasgow Transit operates a deviated fixed route for persons with or without disabilities.
To schedule a deviation or Wheel Chair call 270-629-4848

Days & Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday 7:00 A.M. to 6:30 P.M.
No Service on Holidays
No Transit Service from 11:30 AM - 12:00 pm

Glasgow Transit System operates a deviated fixed route bus service. This means that in addition to boarding the bus at the specified stops listed on this bus schedule, passengers can request to be picked up or dropped off up to 3/4 of a mile off the bus route. The pickup and drop off locations will be at the curb. Reservations must be made in advance at least the day before. The bus fare for a trip deviation is the same as regular fare. All residents can ride for just $0.50! 

City Bus

Scheduled Stops & Approximate Times 

GLASGOW TRANSIT BUS SCHEDULE   1st   2nd 3rd   4th  5th  6th  7th
Humble Avenue/Community Building  (shelter) Stop #01   7:00  8:32  10:02  12:02  1:32  3:32  5:02
Park Avenue Apartments Stop #02              
Hatchett Home Health Stop #03              
Regency Park Apartments  (shelter) Stop #04  7:15  8:45  10:15  12:15  1:45  3:45 5:15 
Happy Valley Shopping Center/Houchens Stop #05              
T. J. Samson Hospital Stop #06              
Central Center Shopping Center/Big Lots Stop #07              
Wal-Mart Superstore Stop #08  7:30  9:00  10:30  12:30  2:30  4:00  5:30
Barren County YMCA Stop #09              
T. J. Pavillion Stop #10               
Highland Commons/Food Lion Stop #11              
Lakeview Apartments Stop #12  7:45  9:15  10:45  12:45  2:45 4:15   5:45
Bluegrass Place Stop #13              
Southgate Plaza/Houchens Stop #14              
Dellwood Apartments Stop #15              
Housing Authority/Community Building (shelter)                 Stop #16              
Mayfield Plaza (shelter) Stop #17  8:00  9:30  11:00  1:00  3:00  4:30  6:00
WKU Glasgow Campus Stop #18              
Robinson Court Stop #19              
Bunche Avenue (shelter) Stop #20  8:15  9:45  11:15 1:15  3:15  4:45  6:15
Save-A-Lot                            Stop #21              
Public Square/U.S. Bank (shelter) Stop #22              
Liberty Street Apartments (shelter) Stop #23              
Huntsman Manor Stop #24   8:30   10:00   11:30   1:30   3:30   5:00   6:30


Tokens are 2 for $1.00
$5.00 cards (10 Rides) available
Children under 5 are free
In case of Inclement weather, Glasgow City Transit follows
the Glasgow City Schools Schedule.

Purchase Tokens At The Following Locations:


Glasgow Housing Authority

Houchens #1 Southgate Plaza

 T. J. Samson Hospital

Houchens #27 Happy Valley Rd.


 Hatchett Home Medical

Glasgow  City Hall

Glasgow Street Department


Fleet Size & Description
Two 16-passenger buses with wheelchair lift
No Bus Service from 11:30 A.M to 12:00 Noon

Customer Service Phone:
(270) 629-4848 or (270) 651-5977
TTY/TDD Users Dial 1-800-648-6056 or 711

Language assistance is provided at no cost

City of Glasgow Transit Title VI Implementation Plan

DBE Public Notice

DBE Policy Statement


Reasonable Modification Request

Glasgow Transit System - Deviated Fixed Route Service For Persons With Or Without Disabilities

Rates as well as Rules & Regulations are listed below.

Bus Fare:  $0.50 per ride
GTS Code of Conduct
1.  Applies to all vehicles, bus stops & buildings 
2.  Pay the correct fare when boarding
3. Respect others at all times 
4.  No profane or vulgar language on GTS property 
5.  Do not defecate, urinate or release other body fluids on the bus 
6.  Radio, cassette, CD, music player with headphones only with the volume level so that others can't hear it 
7.  Do not abuse, threaten or attack other passengers or the bus operator  
8.  Do not board bus under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
9.  Do not engage in lewd or offensive conduct or indecent exposure 
10.  Do not place anything on the floor that may roll or move when unattended 
11.  Properly controlled “service animals” accompanying disabled persons are the only animals permitted 
12.  Be polite, leave the front seat available for senior citizens and disabled people 
13.  Prohibited items include, but not limited to: Guns, Hazardous Materials, Explosives, Knives, and Dangerous Liquids
14.  No smoking, drinking or eating in GTS vehicles 
15.  All passengers must respect the comfort of others sensitive to fragrances and consider a “scent free” environment 
16.  All passengers are required to abide by applicable safety belt regulations
17.  Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete halt
18.  All passengers must be fully clothed, including shirts and shoes.  
*Violations will be reported to the local authorities for disposition.  Buses are equipped with audio/video recording devices.  Violators forfeit any unused portion of pass, ticket or cash fee.
Carry-On Packages:  To provide safe, reliable transportation service to the public, we must limit carry-on packages to what the boarding passenger can safely bring aboard at one time. 

Transit Route map


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