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Sanitation Division  270-651-5977



Household garbage is collected utilizing an automated garbage collection system. One roll-out cart is provided at no charge. All household garbage must be set out in your cart unless a handicapped exemption has been granted. The serial number printed on the cart identifies the cart with the assigned address. The cart remains the property of the City of Glasgow. If you move, the cart must remain at it's assigned address or call Public Works at 270-678-4302 or 270-651-5977 to have the cart picked-up. When a new resident moves in, a cart will be delivered to the location.

2018 Closing Dates & Collection Schedule
Jan 15  Martin Luther King Day  Collected Jan 16 
 Feb 19  President's Day Collected Feb 20
 May 28  Memorial Day Collected May 29
 July 4  Independence Day Collected July 5
 Sept 3  Labor Day Collected Sept 4
 Nov 12  Veteran's Day Collected Nov 13
 Nov 22  Thanksgiving Collected Nov 26
 Nov 23  Thanksgiving Collected Nov 27
 Dec 24  Christmas Collected Dec 26
 Dec 25  Christmas Collected Dec 27
 Jan 1  New Year's Day Collected Jan 2

There is no garbage collection or recycling collection on Sanitation Division holidays. Garbage and recycling collection will follow on the next weekday.

Note: The Holiday Schedule is subject to change. It is suggested that you listen to the local Glasgow radio station WCLU, check the Glasgow Daily Times newspaper, check the Glasgow Electric Plant Board Cable TV Ch. 6, visit the City of Glasgow's website, http://www.cityofglasgow.orge-mail the Sanitation Division with your name and address or you may call Department of Public Works at 270-678-4302 or 270-651-5977 prior to a holiday to confirm your collection schedule.

Cart Use Guidelines

  • Cart must be positioned at the edge of the curb and at least three feet away from other carts, walls, buildings, poles, etc. DO NOT block sidewalks.
  • Do not overload the cart (maximum load 200 lbs). This will cause unnecessary damage to carts.
  • No household garbage in plastic bags outside the cart.
  • Do not place hot ashes, paint, solvents, oil, liquids or any kind, hot charcoal, batteries, hazardous waste, construction debris, auto parts, junk items, dirt or rocks or any other items not normally found in household waste in the cart.
  • Do not put yard waste in the cart.
  • Remove the cart from curbside after emptied.
  • Cart must be kept clean to comply with health and sanitation requirements. Wash the cart periodically with detergent and water.
  • Keep the lid of the cart closed at all times except to place garbage in the cart. This will prevent water from entering and placing unnecessary weight on cart. It will also prevent trash from blowing out, the entry of insect and the entry of animals.
  • Do not let children play in or with the cart.
Damaged or Stolen Cart
  • Report damaged cart to Public Works by calling 270-678-4302 or 270-651-5977.
  • Citizen must provide name, address, daytime phone number, cart serial number and description of damage.
  • Report stolen cart to Public Works at 270-678-4302 or 270-651-5977. Citizens must provide the serial number of the stolen cart.
Additional Cart
  • Requests for an additional cart must be made to Public Works by calling 270-678-4302 or 270-651-5977.
  • There is an additional monthly charge of $5.00 (five dollars) per month.
  • Citizens are strongly urged to completely utilize the space in the first cart before putting garbage into additional carts.
  • Cart will be delivered as soon as possible.