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The City of Glasgow Building and Electrical Inspectors Office is responsible for issuing building, electrical, sign and demolition permits and inspections within the city limits of Glasgow.  This office is also in charge of the International Property Maintenance Code, which carries a five-member board to help enforce the code.

Also, we are the City's Citizens Response office. By calling 270-651-3921 a trained service representative will assist with questions, register a complaint, and offer suggestions. For more information, visit the Citizens Response web page.

Our office can be contacted at:
City of Glasgow Building and
Electrical Inspectors Office

126 East Public Square, P. O. Box 278
Glasgow, KY 42142-0278
Phone (270) 651-3921
Fax: (270) 651-9553

Please Note: All permits are good for 180 days.

Single Family Dwellings Includes both Building & Electrical

New Construction

Square Footage of Structure-Habitable Space only

0000-2000 $300.00
2001-3000 $350.00
3001-4000 $400.00
4001-5000 $450.00 

Additions & Alterations - Includes both Building & Electrical Inspections

One-half (1/2) of applicable New Construction Fees as listed above. Note: Includes garages, accessory buildings, pools and similar type structures.

Closed-in or covered porch/deck $50. A deck 30 inches or more off the ground requires building permit. Privacy fence over 6 feet in height requires a building permit ($50).

Two-Family Dwellings - Includes both Building & Electrical Inspections

One and one-half (1 ½) times the applicable New Construction Fee as listed above.
Note: Duplexes are considered to be two-family dwellings.

Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes

$100.00 Minimum Fee Includes both Building & Electrical Inspections. 


Free Standing Sign Fee $50.00
Demolition $25.00
Storage Building or detached garage $50.00
(Storage bldg 200 sq ft & up requires permit)  
Storage building and detached garage with electric $100.00
Pool $100.00

Service Changes:

60-200 $35.00
225-400 $45.00
425-600 $55.00
800-1200 $100.00
1500-3000 $150.00
3500-5000 $200.00

* Always check with Planning and Zoning (270) 659-0661 for set back (from property line) requirements.

Multi-Family Dwellings, Apartments, Commercial, Industrial, Public Buildings,

Schools, Educational Facilities, Dormitories, Health Care Facilities, Church

Buildings, Recreational Buildings and Similar Type Structures


Building Fees-Based on Total Cost of Construction 

Under $15,000 $50.00 Minimum Fee
$15,000-$100,000 Additional charge of $4.00 for each $1,000 of cost
$100,000-$500,000 Additional charge of $3.00 for each $1,000 of cost
Above $500,000 Additional charge of $2.00 for each $1,000 of cost

Electrical Fee-Based on Total Cost of Electrical Contract

One and one fourth (1 ¼) percent of the electrical contract amount.
Note: $150.00 Minimum Fee 

Additional Wiring and Re-Inspections, etc
$35.00 per trip

HVAC Inspector - Tim England
Phone 502-573-0395 or 270-404-3583

Plumbing Inspector - David Cochran
Phone 270-651-5562